AJMJ-27 Jag Mag Collection

Stay radiant with Asim Jofa’s exquisite “AJMJ-27 Jag Mag Collection”, where every ensemble is a testament to opulence and celebration. This grey masterpiece is no exception, meticulously embroidered with 3mm gold sequins that catch the light and zariwork that glimmers like golden threads of joy weaving through the fabric.

The motifs adorning the ensemble are a constellation of tradition and modernity, shimmering with every move you make. With each step, you become the embodiment of the collection’s spirit—radiant, elegant, and full of joy. This outfit is more than just clothing; it is a statement of elegance and festivity, designed to make you stand out and shine with an ethereal glow at every event.

So embrace the radiance of Asim Jofa’s “Jag Mag Collection”, and let this grey ensemble be your ticket to an evening of glamour and celebration. With its exquisite embroidery and shimmering details, it is sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression wherever you go.


  • Embroidered neckline on chiffon
  • 30” embroidered front with border on chiffon
  • 2 embroidered right & left daman patches for front on organza
  • 30” dyed wide-width chiffon for back
  • Pair of embroidered sleeves with border on chiffon
  • 2 meters embroidered border for front chaak & back daman on chiffon
  • 2.5 meters embroidered dupatta on net with 2 side borders
  • 1.5 meters dyed wide-width lawn silk for trouser
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AJMJ-27 Jag Mag Collection
AJMJ-27 Jag Mag Collection
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