1. Payment Methods: Foreign clients can pay via the available BanK Alfalah Payment Method on the website or through bank transfers.

  2. Order Reservation: Orders are reserved for 2 hours after receiving a confirmation email or call about the order and payment details.

  3. Payment Timing: If payment is made after 2 hours, it’s recommended to verify if the ordered goods are still in stock.

  4. Product Availability: While efforts are made to fulfill initial orders, if any product is out of stock, customers will be offered alternatives within the same price range.

  5. Delay Responsibility: The store is not responsible for shipping delays for any reason.

  6. Cancellation Policy: If there’s no confirmation from the customer, the order may be canceled without notification.

  7. International Orders: International orders are processed only after payment is received.

  8. Payment Confirmation for Pakistan Orders: Customers in Pakistan can order online with payment confirmation upon delivery for orders up to PKR 10,000. Orders above PKR 10,000 may require an upfront payment. Some brands may require advance token money to book the orders for you in advance before launching.

  9. Advance Payment for Stitching Orders: Customers must make a 100% advance payment for stitching orders. Stitching service for only foreign customers

These guidelines ensure clarity for customers regarding payment, order reservation, product availability, and cancellation policies. It’s important to communicate these clearly to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes at +92 318 0295982

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