AJCF-30 Dhanak Rang by Asim Jofa


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Shirt: Jumbo Silk
By Pcs: 3 Pcs
Trouser: Jumbo Silk
Dupatta: Chiffon
Color: Grey

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AJCF-30 Dhanak Rang by Asim Jofa

Absolutely! The ensemble you’re describing, the AJCF-30 Dhanak Rang by Asim Jofa, is truly a work of art in fashion. The dull olive base sets a subtle yet sophisticated tone, providing the perfect canvas for the bold embroidery in light gold zari and sequins to shine. The intricate detailing adds depth and texture, catching the light in all the right ways and commanding attention wherever you go.

But what really takes this design to the next level is the contrast teal borders and dupatta. They not only complement the olive base beautifully but also inject a pop of color that elevates the entire ensemble. The teal hue adds a refreshing and modern twist, creating a captivating visual contrast that’s both striking and elegant.

This combination of elements creates a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation, showcasing the designer’s mastery of craft and creativity. It’s a testament to the beauty of fusion fashion, where heritage meets contemporary flair in a seamless blend of style and sophistication.

For those who have an eye for unique combinations and a love for fashion that makes a statement, this ensemble is sure to become a cherished favorite. Its timeless appeal and undeniable charm make it a standout choice for any occasion, whether it’s a special event or simply a desire to express individuality through clothing.


  • Embroidered front center panel on jumbo silk
  • Pair of embroidered side panels right & left on jumbo silk
  • 30” embroidered back on jumbo silk
  • 30” embroidered border for front daman on organza
  • 30” embroidered border for back daman on organza
  • Pair of embroidered sleeves on jumbo silk
  • 1 meter embroidered border for sleeves on organza
  • 2.5 meters embroidered dupatta on chiffon
  • 1.5 meters dyed wide-width jumbo silk for trouser
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