AJCF-08 Dhanak Rang by Asim Jofa


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Shirt: Chiffon
By Pcs: 3 Pcs
Trouser: Jumbo Silk
Dupatta: Chiffon
Color: Purple

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AJCF-08 Dhanak Rang by Asim Jofa

In a scene straight out of a fairy tale, Saboor Aly graces the stage in AJCF-08 Dhanak Rang by Asim Jofa, exuding an aura of captivating charm that effortlessly captivates every heart in the room. Clad in a fetching ensemble of regal purple, she epitomizes grace and elegance, becoming the embodiment of timeless beauty.

The centerpiece of her attire is a shirt that is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, its surface adorned with a tapestry of intricate embroidery. Every inch of fabric is a canvas for artistry, as antique gold two-toned zari thread and sequins intertwine to create a symphony of shimmering patterns. The embroidery, meticulously worked in a seamless design, unfolds like a story, each stitch telling a tale of tradition and refinement. Adorned with elaborate motifs, the shirt is a testament to the skill and dedication of the artisans who brought it to life.

Adding to the allure of the ensemble, the neckline and borders of the shirt are further embellished, enhancing its opulent beauty. Every detail, from the delicate motifs to the shimmering accents, is harmoniously balanced, creating a visual feast for the eyes.

Completing the ensemble is a chiffon dupatta, as delicately worked as the shirt it accompanies. Coordinating flawlessly with the intricate embroidery of the shirt and the accompanying trouser, it drapes gracefully around Saboor Aly, adding a touch of ethereal elegance to her attire.

As Saboor Aly graces the stage in this resplendent purple ensemble, she not only mesmerizes with her beauty but also embodies the timeless allure of tradition and craftsmanship. With every step she takes, she becomes a living work of art, leaving an indelible impression of sophistication and refinement in her wake.


  • Embroidered front neckline
  • 30” embroidered jaal for front on chiffon
  • 30” embroidered chan for back on chiffon
  • Pair of embroidered sleeves with border on chiffon
  • 30” embroidered border for front daman on chiffon
  • 30” embroidered border for back daman on chiffon
  • 2.5 meters embroidered border for front & back chaak
  • 2.5 meters embroidered dupatta on chiffon with 2 side borders
  • 1.5 meters dyed wide-width jumbo silk for trouser
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AJCF-08 Dhanak Rang by Asim Jofa
AJCF-08 Dhanak Rang by Asim Jofa
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