AJBU-03 Asim Jofa Prints Vol-2


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Shirt: Lawn
By Pcs: 3 Pcs
Trouser: Cambric
Dupatta: Lawn
Color: Red

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AJBU-03 Asim Jofa Prints Vol-2

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of “AJBU-03 Asim Jofa Prints Vol-2” with the extraordinary red ensemble, a stunning fusion of traditional and contemporary design elements that exemplify the artistry of textile design. This ensemble, featuring a digitally printed lawn shirt and dupatta, is a true masterpiece adorned with nature-inspired prints and elegant motifs, creating a captivating visual narrative that celebrates the beauty of nature and craftsmanship.

The digitally printed fabric is a canvas of creativity, where the interplay of traditional and modern design elements comes to life. Nature-inspired prints, including floral patterns and botanical motifs, intertwine with elegant geometric shapes and intricate detailing, showcasing the rich tapestry of textile artistry. Each motif is thoughtfully placed, enhancing the overall allure of the ensemble and evoking a sense of sophistication and charm.

The rich color palette, featuring vibrant reds complemented by earthy tones, adds depth and vibrancy to the outfit, making it a standout choice for any special occasion. The bold yet harmonious combination of colors enhances the ensemble’s visual impact, ensuring that you make a memorable entrance wherever you go.

The silhouette of the ensemble is tailored to perfection, flattering the figure and exuding elegance. From the neckline to the hemline, every detail reflects a commitment to quality and style, embodying the essence of “Asim Jofa Prints” craftsmanship and excellence.

Pair this red ensemble with complementary accessories and footwear to complete the look and showcase your personal style. Whether worn at a wedding celebration, a festive gathering, or a cultural event, this ensemble promises to make a statement and leave a lasting impression with its timeless beauty and sophistication.

With this red ensemble from “Asim Jofa Prints”, embrace the art of textile design and indulge in the beauty of fashion that seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary flair. Let each wear be a celebration of creativity and elegance, capturing the essence of luxury and style in every detail.


  • 2.8 meters digital lawn shirt
  • 2.5 meters dyed cambric trouser
  • 2.4 meters digital lawn dupatta
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