Aira Summer AJAR 29


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Shirt: Jacquard
By Pcs: 3 Pcs
Trouser: Cambric
Dupatta: Mehsuri
Color: Red

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Aira Summer AJAR 29

In Asim Jofa‘s “Aira Summer AJAR 29 – Summer Print Collection”, a stunning red outfit captures the essence of elegance and grace. The embroidered center panel, front left and right panels, daman border, sleeves, and back feature intricate motifs that weave tales of tradition and heritage. Each stitch is adorned with gold sequins, which shimmer like stars in the night sky, casting an opulent charm over the ensemble. The golden Mehsuri dupatta is digitally printed and mirrors the ethnic designs adorning the shirt. Ushna Shah models the outfit with a graceful touch, inviting you to revel in its timeless beauty and sophistication.


  • Embroidered front center panel on dyed jacquard
  • Embroidered front left & right panel on dyed jacquard
  • 30″ embroidered front daman border on dyed jacquard
  • 1 meter embroidered sleeves on dyed jacquard
  • Pair of embroidered motifs for sleeves on dyed jacquard
  • 30″ embroidered back all over on dyed jacquard
  • 1.5 meters wide-width dyed cambric trouser
  • 2.5 meters digital golden mehsuri dupatta
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